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Web Space

Your personal web space is part of your network storage space. Publish your web pages to your public.www folder in your network storage space. Any html files that you put there will be visible from the web.

  • Web site is based on your Username
    • Example:  
  • Your home page should be named index.htm or index.html for it to apear under the web address. All files for your website should be placed in the public.www folder on your U:/ drive.
  • You may use long file names, but there must not be any spaces in the name.
  • Your personal web space is NOT indexed by the Google search engine.
  • In order to access your files from off-campus, you may use Native File Access. Instructions on using Native File Access are available through our Knowledge Base article, and you can find your U: drive’s Native File Access location through CCIT’s Home Directory Locator at
  • Another tool that students have access to is Google Sites through Google Apps for Education. To learn how to use these tools click here. To access or setup your Google Sites, open a web browser and navigate to the following URL:

Can I use scripting languages like PHP and Perl?

  • You can write your own dynamic web applications in both your personal web space and any Novell-based departmental or organization web space, in either PHP (preferred) or Perl. You cannot use C, C++, or ASP/ASP.Net.
  • PHP is a very powerful language that requires no special editors and can be included inside your HTML code.  For more information on PHP see the PHP home page at   At Clemson, if you want to create a PHP script, name your file with the .php extension.  If there is proper php code embedded in your html, it will be run. No special editor is needed to write PHP scripts.
  • If you write them in Perl, the Eclipse Platform is a strong development environment that is free to download from
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