Taking Tech Talks Mobile

You can now use the Connect Pro™ Mobile App to watch Tech Talks from your Smartphone or Tablet.  View the information below to learn more about how to download and install this application.

Connect Pro

available on the App Store

Adobe Connect Mobile for IOS

  • Connect Pro Mobile for iPhone Tutorial (.HTM)
  • Download the app from Apple's app store (.HTM)
  • Adobe Connect Mobile for Apple IOS Now Available: Tablet Optimized, Two-way videoconferencing (.HTM)


available on Google Play

Adobe Connect Mobile for Android OS

  • Adobe® Connect™ Mobile Quick Start(.HTM)
  • Adobe Connect Mobile for Android Demo (.HTM
  • Known issues for Adobe Connect Mobile for Android (.HTM)



available on Blackberry World

Adobe Connect Mobile for Blackberry Playbook

  • Adobe® Connect™ Mobile for Blackberry Playbook on AppWorld(.HTM)
  • Adobe® Connect™ Blog (.HTM
  • Adobe® Connect™ Mobile for Blackberry Playbook Demo (.HTM