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       Email Migration

    Beginning on March 22nd, CCIT will kick-off a transition of faculty and staff email and calendaring from the current on-premise Microsoft Exchange solution to Microsoft’s secure cloud-hosted environment. Users may need to take minimal action to access their accounts after the transition, and we are making every effort to ensure a smooth process by providing additional support for each unit during the migration.  

    CCIT has partnered with an experienced consulting firm to ensure a smooth transition and minimize interruption. After months of testing, planning and migrating CCIT in late February, the transition will follow the timeline below. Each transition will take place on 12:01 a.m. of the day listed.

     Migration Plan

    Email access will always be available during this transition by typing “” into your web browser.

    For most users, simply accept new settings on your desktop Outlook client. 

    Mobile devices may require deleting and re-adding your Exchange account.

    Detailed instructions are available below:

    Setting up my iPhone, iPad

       Setting up my Android device

        Setting up my Windows phone 

       Mac mail Setting up Mac mail on my computer

    If you need assistance, please visit on the device you would like to have configured. A Bomgar support session will start and allow us to configure your email from anywhere on or off campus. If you connect from a mobile device, you will be prompted to install the Bomgar mobile app.

    To access Office365, please visit  Login with your Clemson email address ( - NOT  You will be redirected to a Clemson login page.

    Email Migration FAQs

    I tried and still can’t get to email on my mobile device.

    Don't panic! Email is always available at  Simply open your device web browser and check your mail here while we work with you to fix your mail client.

    IT consultants will be available for support during migration.  visit on the device you would like to have configured. Install Bomgar app on device for immediate support.

    More detailed instructions

    How is this migration taking place?

    Email accounts are staged before the actual move of accounts.  This means the data is being moved and synced behind the scenes.  In essence, when an account is "moved," the link to the account will be changed from locally to online.  This minimizes impact to the customer and ensures the ability to troubleshoot accounts if there are any issues.

    Will my email get lost?

    Email is being synced at both on and off premise.  An error message is generated at the type of cutover if there are any corrupted messages.  We can investigate.  Individuals can be moved back to on-premise until resolution if necessary. 

    I can’t find a calendar resource I am used to seeing?

    If a resource did not get moved, please submit a ticket to  Resources can be migrated quickly once identified.  If you had delegation rights to a resource but it is not part of your department, those rights may be temporarily altered until that department migrates.  This is a short term inconvenience as the migration plan is moving quickly.

    Will I run out of space in my mailbox?

    Actually, you now have up to 50 GB of space for your mailbox, so you should experience no issues in size or storage.


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    If you have any questions, please contact the CCIT Customer Support Center at or call 864-656-3494.

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