This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

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How Do I...?

Create personal web space?

All student, faculty, staff, and organization usernames automatically have personal web space created for them in their Novell user space. If you have an account on the general purpose linux machine Clemix, then you also have personal web space there as well. The space is your public.www directory in your U: drive or the public html directory in your home directory on Clemix. Any html files that you put there will be visible from the web. Your home page should be named index.html for it to appear under the web address http://www.clemson.edu/~yourusername for your Novell space or http://myweb.clemson.edu/~yourusername for your Clemix space. You may use long file names, but there must not be any spaces in the name. Note: your personal web space is NOT indexed by the Google search engine.

Make my default home page something other than http://people.clemson.edu/~myusername?

If you want a page in your Novell space to be your home page then you must name it index.htm or index.html. The Clemson University Phonebook web page has a link in it under each person's name for their home page. If you want some other page or web address to come up then you can do one of two things:

  1. Change your home page in the phonebook directly by going to http://www.clemson.edu/phonebook and clicking on "My Record". At the bottom of your profile listing you will see a link to "Click here to enter an alternate URL for your homepage" where you can list the web address you want published instead of your Clemson default page.
  2. You can redirect your Clemson page to the location of your prefered home page. To do so you need to put the following lines in your index.htm file:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" Content="0;URL=http:newwebaddress">

where you replace newwebaddress with the web address of the page you want to appear when someone clicks on your link (i.e. //myweb.clemson.edu/~username/mypage.htm)

Put a search form on my web page?

Go to the "CCIT Search How-to Information Page" for details on how to add a search form to your Clemson web page

Put a counter on my web page?

Go to the "CCIT Counter Information Page" for details on how to add a counter to your Clemson web page

Retrieve mail from a form on my web page?

Go to the "CCIT FormMail Information Page" for details on creating a form whose data will be mailed to you from your Clemson web page

Password-protect my web page?

Go to the "Securing web pages with HTACCESS.TXT" page for details on how to protect your Novell-based web pages

Have my club or organization's web page listed on the Student Organizations Page?

All formally recognized student organizations are listed at http://www.clemson.edu/studentaffairs/studentinvolvement/student_org_dir.php. Organization's URL information is listed there. By default your web address is your organization's U: drive (Novell-based) web site. To have that changed email ITSWebmaster-L@clemson.edu.

FTP files to my web space?

Go to the "CCIT FTP Information Page" for details on how to ftp to your Novell-based Clemson web space.

Change my information in the online University Phone Book?

Employee information comes from the Employee database. Contact the individual in your department who is responsible for PeopleSoft data to have your record changed. Student information comes from the Student database. Some of it you can change from within SIS. The rest you must contact the Student Records Office to have changed. You can control whether your phone number, photo, and web address are published by going to http://www.clemson.edu/phonebook and clicking on "My Record".

Write my own cgi's?

You can write your own cgi programs in both your personal web space and any Novell-based departmental or organization web space in either perl or php (php is preferred). You cannot use C or C++, except on Clemix based web sites.

PHP is a very powerful language that requires no special editors and can be included inside your HTML code. For more information on PHP see the PHP home page at http://www.php.net At Clemson, if you want to create a PHP script name your file with the .php extension. If there is proper php code embedded in your html, it will be run. No special editor is needed to write PHP scripts.

If you write them in Perl for your U: Drive or other Novell-based web site, you must use an editor which allows you to save it with a .cgi extension as a "unix file".

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Where can I find...?

Email address, phone number, web address or contact info for an individual at Clemson University?

To locate an individual's email address, phone number, or other contact info, please refer to our Clemson University Phonebook at: http://www.clemson.edu/phonebook

Information on applying to Clemson?

For information on applying to Clemson, go to http://www.clemson.edu/prospectivestudents

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Why doesn't...?

My web space allow me to use real Java?

You can code Java applets in your web space but not Java Script or server-side Java such as jsp or servlets. This is because of the type of webservers which serve the Departmental and personal pages.

The web space let me use long file names?

You can use long file names but you must not include any spaces in the file name. Use underscore characters (_) as spacers if you need them.

The web space let me use asp or .net?

All of Clemson's general purpose web servers are linux servers rather than Windows. They do not "speak" MicroSoft" so they cannot support asp or .net.

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Who is...?

The contact for information on Undergraduate Admissions to Clemson University?

Send email to cuadmissions@clemson.edu

The contact for information on Admission to Clemson University's Graduate School?

Send email to grdapp@clemson.edu

Responsible for the main Clemson University web pages?

The Office of Web Services in Clemson's Creative Services group maintains the top layers of the www.clemson.edu web site. They also are responsible for the Cascade web content manangement system. To contact OWS, email web_services-l@clemson.edu.

The Webmaster for ...?

Clemson University: OWS

Clemson Computing and Information Technology: Jamie Brown

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences: PSA CAFLS Web Team

College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities: Tharon Howard

College of Business and Public Affairs: Reba Purdessy

College of Engineering and Sciences: Gary Malstrom

College of Health, Education and Human Development: Tim Whims

Cooperative Extension Service: PSA CAFLS Web Team

University Housing: Rose Ellen Davis-Gross

University Libraries: Gordon Cochrane


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