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There are several areas for which the Webmaster receives tons of email, but that are not within our purview. If your message fits into one of the categories below, you probably will not receive email back from us, however, if you follow the instructions provided, you should get the info you need.  For other general information requests concerning Clemson University please use the Clemson web site search engine. This message goes to the person who supports the web servers themselves, not the person who provides the information displayed on the web pages.

Undergraduate Admissions
If you are writing in regard to Undergraduate Admissions, please go to

Graduate School Admission
If you are writing in regard to Graduate School Admissions, please go to

Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Contact Info
If you are writing to inquire about an individual's email address, phone number, or other contact info, please refer instead to our Faculty, Staff, Student Directory at:

Spam Reports
If you are writing to report SPAMMING incidents or other harassing email originating from Clemson, please direct your message to:


Other Questions
If none of the above answers your question, you may submit an email to the Webmaster at If your question is about a specific web site page, please look on that page first for direct contact information. If none is available, then email and provide the URL for that page.

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