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Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) provides cyberinfrastructure resources and high performance computing capabilities through its Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration (CITI) group. Some of these capabilities include:

  • An advanced knowledge infrastructure through integration of high performance computing and networks, data perceptualization and visualization, storage architecture and middleware.
  • A well-established, highly successful group of faculty and technical staff with an international reputation for leading research in areas such as high performance computing applications, high throughput computing, high performance networking, data access and interpretation, including visualization, and software environments for cyber-communities.
  • A “palmetto cluster” with 85.04 TF peak performance using 1,541 nodes; 8 cores per node; this system also contains 120 TB of large-scale, high performance disk storage and is housed at Clemson’s Information Technology Center in a 24/7 monitored environment with proper power, cooling and physical security.
  • A campus grid linking over 1,700 machines distributed across 27 locations on campus providing a high throughput computing resource for all faculty and students in need of a loosely coupled computer system to run thousands of jobs.

For more information, please visit the CITI Home Page.

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