Financials 9.0 Tips

new window 

 Click on this link to open a new window within PS Finance 9.0. You can have multiple windows open at one time.


Clicking here will bring you back to the menu you see when you first log in using your Operator ID.

 add to favs

Click here to add a menu navigation that you do frequently. You can name the favorite anything you would like.
PRO: Saves you navigation time. Your favorites are attached to your operator ID.
CON: If you have to call the helpdesk or speak with another user, your screen will not appear the same as the individual you are speaking with. It may take a little bit of time to figure out the navigation path of your favorite o that the person you are speaking with can assist you.

sign out 

Rather than clicking “X” to close the application to log off, use this link to disconnect from PeopleSoft. This will log you out correctly.


Click on the button to compress and expand the menu. By compressing or hiding your menu, you open up more space on your screen which may reduce the amount of right to left scrolling.


This will allow you to see all tabs available on your screen.


Provides user with a drop down list of items associated with the field or parameter to be filled in.

 excel download

Opens up Microsoft Excel and imports data as seen on your screen into MS Excel.
If you are having trouble getting your PeopleSoft Query to download to Excel, try the steps below to correct the issue.


PeopleSoft Query not running to Excel –  

1. Open an Internet Explorer browser. 

2. Go to Tools, Internet Options, Security 

excel 1

3. Make sure Internet is selected and click the "Custom Level" button.

4. Scroll down until you get to the Downloads section:

5. Make sure "Automatic Prompting for file Downloads" is Enabled


6. Click OK, then OK

Note: If you have PeopleSoft set as a Trusted Site, you will have to do the same for that zone also. 




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