Clemson University Business Systems (CUBS): Class Descriptions

Financial Courses

Instructor Led Classes

Query for Financials
Shows users how to create, run, and manage queries.

Online Classes

Budgets (Org) Unrestricted Current Funds
Course covers topics such as budgeting basics, Funds 10-17, transfer budgets and PeopleSoft 8.8 budget navigation.

Project Budgets and Budget Journals
Course shows how to create, edit, delete and view Budget Journals.

Project Budgets/SPAA Funds
Covers Parent/Child Budgets, budgeting for sponsored programs, controlled and track budgets, and budget amendments.

SPAA Project/Grant Pages (Panels)
Covers the format of project/grant panels.

Business Systems Data Warehouse Reporting
Divided into four separate courses that cover one-time setup, daily reports, monthly reports, and user-run reports.

CU BuyWays
Course covers shopping, setting up favorites and more.

Procurement Card Retrieval Form
Course covers how to enter P-Card transactions and view submitted transactions.

Procurement-Voucher Approval
Course covers how to lookup and approve vouchers.

Divided into two courses that cover how to access Voucher screen, how to view payment information, additional payment information, Direct Purchase Voucher, Travel Voucher and an overview of Business Units.

Divided into two courses that cover when to use a Travel Voucher and a Direct Purchase voucher, how to access the Voucher Screen, how to add a Travel Voucher and a Direct Purchase Voucher and an overview of Business Units.

Procurement Forms
Divided into two courses that cover how to access and use the various types of procurement forms including Stop/Void Payment and Check Pickup.

Course covers how to enter a new journal, view an existing journal, correct journal entries, and print journals.

Payroll Correction Approval
Shows users how to view, approve, and delete payroll distribution corrections.

Payroll Correction Form
Shows users how to enter and submit payroll distribution corrections.

Project Management
Shows users the Percent Credit-to-Project Web Verification Application.

Web Invoicing
Course covers how to create customer invoices, add/update customer information, and how to submit and print invoices.

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