Structural Engineering Courses

C E 6010 Indeterminate and Matrix Structural Analysis 3(3,0). Analysis of indeterminate structures using moment distribution, energy methods such as virtual work and Castigliano's Theorem, and the matrix formulation of the direct siffness method. Preq: C E 301 or consent of instructor.

C E 6040 Masonry Structural Design 3(3,0). Introduction to design of structural elements for masonry buildings. Lintels, walls, shear walls, columns, pilasters, and retaining walls are included. Reinforced and unreinforced elements of concrete or clay masonry are designed by allowable stress and strength design methods. Introduction to construction techniques, materials, and terminology used in masonry. Preq: C E 402 or consent of instructor.

C E 6070 Wood Design 3(3,0). Introduction to wood design and engineering; properties of wood and wood-based materials; design of beams, columns, walls, roofs, panel systems, and connections. Preq: C E 402 or 406, or consent of instructor.

C E 6080 Structural Loads and Systems 3(3,0) In-depth discussion of minimum design loads and load combinations. Includes overview of various steel and concrete systems. Discusses practical se¬lection and design issues and design of proprietary building materials and components such as steel joists, diaphragms, engineered wood products, etc. Preq: C E 206, 301.

C E 8010 Matrix and Finite Element Analysis 3(3,0). Matrix and finite element methods in solution of engineering problems; stiffness matrices for triangular, rectangular, and quadrilateral elements in planer systems; plate bending, shell, and 3-D elements; applications to solutions of structural and soil mechanics problems using special and general purpose programs. Preq: C E 401 or consent of instructor.

C E 8020 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design 3(3,0). Second course in design of reinforced concrete structures; advanced concepts in analysis and design of beams, columns, and slabs; introduction to prestressed concrete. Preq: C E 402 or consent of instructor.

C E 8030 Advanced Steel Design 3(3,0). Advanced design of structural steel buildings emphasizing the relationship between design and response of the structural system; theoretical basis of building code provisions; limit state and plastic design; beam-columns; plate girders and composite sections and connections. Preq:C E 406 or consent of instructor.

C E 8040 Prestressed Concrete 3(3,0). Introduction to the analysis, behavior, and design of prestressed concrete members and structures. Allowable stress design and strength design of P/C members, shear design, loss of prestress force, design of continuous structures. Preq: C E 401 and 402, or consent of instructor.

C E 8050 Advanced Structural Mechanics 3(3,0). Development and utilization of mechanics principles in solution of structural problems; unsymmetrical bending and curved beams; beams on elastic foundations; plastic structure analysis of beams and frames; eigenvalue problems; plastic stress-strain relations; strain energy; series and finite element solutions to plate and shell structures. Preq: C E 401 or consent of instructor.

C E 8060 Dynamic Analysis of Structures 3(3,0). Analysis and design of structures subjected to dynamic loading; response of lumped and distributed parameter systems of one or many degrees of freedom; approximate design methods; introduction to earthquake analysis and design. Preq: C E 801 or consent of instructor.

C E 8070 Wind Engineering 3(2,2). Effects of wind on buildings, bridges, and other structures; meteorological aspects of wind generation; types and characteristics of various wind events; aerodynamics of flow around structures; wind-induced loads; structural responses; design basis safety and serviceability criteria.

C E 808 Earthquake Engineering 3(3,0). Effects of earthquake-induced forces on buildings, bridges, and other structures; development of design codes and their application to the design of structures to resist seismic forces; fundamental structural dynamics and analysis techniques used to compute the response of structures or obtain design forces. Preq: C E 806 or consent of instructor.

C E 8090 Forensic Engineering 3(3,0). Study of civil engineering failures including analyses of conditions just prior to the failure, load or event causing failure; methods of investigation and design of remedial measures; case histories of failures illustrating common errors and failures. Student projects involve design of remedial measures and alternatives.