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Hire an Automotive Engineering Intern

an automotive engineering student performs work during his internshipMany OEMs, suppliers, and other organizations request information on hiring our students as interns. Given the rigors of our program and its focus on systems integration, companies find that Clemson's automotive engineering students possess both technical skills and the ability to understand how an entire process or work-flow can be altered by their decisions.

When employers evaluate our students, they commonly use phrases like

“better prepared for the tasks than any previous intern…,” “exceptionally capable in engineering…," "very professional in all interactions…,” “welcome addition…,” and "true asset to the team...."

We find that many of our internship sites are "repeat customers" due to the quality of our students.

If your company is interested in providing internship opportunities to our students, please review the process below. 

Hiring an Automotive Engineering Intern from Clemson University

  1. All prospective internship sites must submit an official job description for review. The description must be provided on company letterhead and should include information on eligibility (e.g., citizenship, GPA requirements), duties the intern will perform (specific job examples are ideal), length of internship, compensation status (Is the internship paid or unpaid? If paid, you do not have to share compensation details in this description but they must be spelled out in a student’s official offer letter), location, contact details, and application instructions.

  2. The job description will be reviewed by the Graduate Research Committee (GRC). 

  3. Prospective internship sites will be alerted to the GRC's decision whether to approve or reject the internship opportunity. If the internship is rejected, the GRC will provide reasons and/or suggestions for creating an appropriate internship opportunity.

  4. Approved internship opportunities will be shared with the students.

  5. Students will apply using the procedure laid out in the original job description.

  6. If a student is chosen to fill the internship opening, the internship site will submit an official offer letter, including compensation details.

  7. The final offer is approved by the student's advisor.

  8. The student completes his/her internship.

  9. Both the student and employer complete evaluations at the conclusion of the internship.

For more on the six-month internship requirement, please visit the internship section.

Details on the program's curriculum can be found in the "academic programs" section.