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Points of Pride - Awards & Accomplishments



  • Congratulations to Kousaalya Bakthavatchalam and Sai Aditya Pradeep, who are under the advisement of Dr. Srikanth Pilla. Kousaalya and Sai Aditya were declared finalists (only few to advance to the finale) of 2015 Moldex3D Global Innovation Talent Award Contest for their project entitled “Optimizing microcellular injection molding process using Moldex3D CAE simulation to enable ultra-lightweighting in automotive components”.
  • Congratulations to Sara Mohon for the following awards - 2015 Southern Automotive Women’s Forum (SAWF) scholarship award winner, 2014 Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation (AWAF) scholarship award winner, 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) scholarship award winner, 2014 Mensa Foundation scholarship award winner, 2014 Car Care Women’s Board scholarship award winner (national competition), trip to Las Vegas AAPEX and SEMA show, 2014 Breslow Foundation scholarship award winner and 2014 Multi Parts Supply scholarship award winner
  • Congratulations to Vismita Sonagra, Clemson University's first Bosch fellow. Read more.
  • Congratulations to Kelly Krumm, Bopaiah Ittira Biddappa, Anup Shastry, who are under the advisement of Dr. Srikanth Pilla, for their awards on poster presentations at the 2014 Society of Plastics Engineers - Automotive Composites Conference held in Novi, MI. Title:  Next Generation Sustainable Biocomposites for Automotive Applications, Undergraduate Category - 1st Place, Kelly Krumm (EUREKA honors student) and Bopaiah Ittira Biddappa (AuE) and Title:  Value Creation from Waste Products:  Development of Areca/Coir-reinforced Epoxidized Pine-Oil Laminated Composites as Advanced Automotive Materials, Graduate Category - 3rd place, Anup Shasrty (AuE) and Bopaiah Ittira Biddappa (AuE)
  • ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences Essay Competition Winner Jun Hu2013 
  • Best Paper Award, International Conference on Sustainable Automotive Technologies Melissa Bowler,2013
  • Best Poster Award - Young Professional Technical Division Poster Contest/Light Metals Division at the 2013 TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition Justin Milner (current PhD student) and Dr. Fadi Abu-Farha
  • Commissionerate of Social Welfare Scholarship
    Vismita Sonagra, 2013-2014
  • Global Connected Car Contest
    Pablo Sauras-Perez, 2013
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE) SAGE Best Paper Prize (2012) awarded to Wesley Salandro(alumnus, Aug. '12), Christina Bunget (former post-doc) and Dr. Laine Mears (Associate Professor) for their paper "A Thermal Approach for Determining Electroplastic Characteristics"
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program
    Ryan O'Donnell, 2014 Honorable Mention
    Wesley Salandro, 2011 Honorable Mention
  • Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Scholarship Award Winners
    Shayne McConomy, 2012 Melvin Burton Award
    Sara Mohon, 2012 Top Student Award
    Mandar Hazare
    , 2011 Steve Woomer Award; 2012 Wally Parks Award, 2013 SEMA Scholarship Award
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers Scholarship Recipients
    Joshua Jones, 2012 E. Wayne Kay Graduate Scholarship; 2011 Schneider-Bingle Endowed Scholarship
    Wesley Salandro, 2011 E. Wayne Kay Graduate Scholarship
  • Southern Automotive Women's Forum Scholarships
    Sara Mohon, 2013 scholarship winner
    Jackeline Rios Torres, 2013 scholarship winner
  • Tire Society Conference
    John Adcox, 2011 Best Student Paper Award
  • Valeo Innovation Challenge
    The 2014 CU-ICAR Tigers team qualified for prototyping phase of the competition. Automotive engineering students who are team members - Peng Cao, Jasprit Gill, Pablo Sauras-Perez


  • Dr. Laine Mears - became the first recipient of the Dean’s Professor Award.  An award established for retaining and rewarding some of our top talent in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences via professorships, which recognize and provide funding for our high-performing faculty members.
  • Dr. Imtiaz Haque - inducted into the Thomas Green Clemson Academy.
  • Dr. Simona Onori - receives international attention for hybrid battery research.
  • Dr. Robert Prucka - has been chosen the winner of the 2015 Murray Stokely Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • Dr. Zoran Filipi - elected Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Dr. Fadi Abu-Farha - 2015 recipient of the SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award. The award recognizes manufacturing engineers, age 35 or younger, who have made exceptional contributions and accomplishments in the manufacturing industry.
  • Dr. Zoran Filipi - featured in the 2013-2014 SmartState Annual Report and Audit.
  • Dr. Fadi Abu-Farha - NSF CAREER Award; Best Poster Award - Young Professional Technical Division Poster Contest/Light Metals Division at the 2013 TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition (along with Justin Milner, current PhD student)
  • Dr. Beshah Ayalew - SAE 2014 Ralph Teetor Young Educator Award; NSF CAREER Award
  • Dr. David Bodde - Editor of Chance and Intent published by the Kauffman Foundation
  • Dr. Johnell Brooks - Institute for Advancement of Health Care (IAHC) Scholar
  • Dr. Zoran Filipi - Technical session presenter, 20th Annual ARC Program Review, Ann Arbor, MI; featured in a Voice of America broadcast about automotive innovations 2014; invited speaker "Natural Gas and Electrified Powertrains for Heavy-Duty Vehicles," South Carolina Clean Energy Summit; Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Fellow; editor-in-chief for SAE's International Journal of Alternative Powertrains; 2011 SAGE Best Paper Award by the editor and editorial board of Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers; Springer Award (2012) for the most cited article in the International Journal of Automotive Technology "Improving the Predictiveness of the Quasi-D Combustion Model For Spark Ignition Engines With Flexible Intake System"
  • Dr. Imtiaz Haque - Invited speaker 20th Annual ARC Program Review, Ann Arbor, MI; keynote address at 3rd International  Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium, Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2014; Invited member of Judging Panel, Altair Enlighten Award for Innovations in Vehicle Light-Weighting;
  • Dr. Todd Hubing - Plenary session address at the 30th International Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics, Jacksonville, Florida; IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society's 2010 Laurence G. Cumming Award
  • Dr. Laine Mears - 2013 McQueen Quattlebaum Faculty Achievement Award; 2013 Institution of Mechanical Engineers George Stevenson Gold Medal; Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE) SAGE Best Paper Prize (2012); 2011 Governor's Young Researcher Award; SAE 2011 Ralph Teetor Young Educator Award; NSF CAREER Award; 2010 College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences Faculty Collaboration Award 
  • Dr. Pierluigi Pisu - Published textbooks Hierarchical Model-Based Diagnostics: Theoretical Results and Applications to Vehicle Systems
  • Dr. Joachim Taiber - Conference chairman, 2012 IEEE Electric Vehicle Conference