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GATE Program

gate logoIn 2011, Clemson University’s Department of Automotive Engineering received a $1 million competitive award from the Department of Energy’s Graduate Automotive Technology Education, or GATE, division. These funds were devoted to building a center for research and education in sustainable vehicle systems.

Clemson’s Gate Center is part of the existing automotive engineering graduate program. Completing this track will provide those selected GATE program participants (GATE Fellows) with a specific set of expertise with:

  • Modeling and experimental tools for advanced powertrain concepts including, hybrid and electric vehicles, advanced engines and transmissions
  • Controls and systems integration
  • Component and system diagnostics and reliability
  • Light-weight design and manufacturing

The track will also provide a broader perspective for the GATE Fellows by connecting technical solutions to life-cycle impact, market viability, resource economics, and public policy issues. Fellows completing the research and education program under this track will receive a Certificate of Excellence in Sustainable Vehicle Systems.

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