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GATE Program M.S. Curriculum

gate lab activitiesCurriculum Requirements - M.S. Fellows

Core Courses for MS GATE Fellows
AuE 833 Automotive Manufacturing Systems Overview
AuE 835 Automotive Electronics Overview
AuE 880 Automotive Design and Project Management
AuE 881 Automotive Systems Overview
AuE 882 Systems Integration Concepts and Methods
AuE 817 Alternative Energy Sources
AuE 892 Seminar
AuE 893-2 Autovation (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management)
AuE 893-4 Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Control
AuE 890 Auto Internship Projects (GATE specific, must be approved)
A second business course

Electives for M.S. GATE Fellows
AuE 816 Engine Combustion and Emissions
AuE 883 Applied Systems Integration (required for those participating in Deep Orange)
AuE 826 On-board Diagnostics
AuE 827 Automotive Control Systems Design
AuE 828 Vehicle Drivelines
AuE 829 Tire Behavior
AuE 850 Stability and Safety Systems
AuE 866 Advanced Automotive Materials
AuE 877 Lightweight Design
AuE 893 Power Electronics
AuE 893 Advanced IC Engine Concepts
AuE 893-1 Electromagnetic Compatibility
AuE 893-3 Advanced Engine Combustion
* While not required, additional elective courses may be taken at your discretion. 

Please note, limited substitutions of courses may be possible for those who have already completed related courses. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

AuE degree requirements supersede the GATE certificate requirements.