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GATE Program Ph.D. Curriculum

gate lab activitiesCurriculum Requirements - Ph.D. Fellows

In addition to meeting the appropriate requirements for a PhD degree, including a doctoral research dissertation, Ph.D. Gate Fellows must complete the following:
Core Courses for PhD GATE Fellows
AuE 817 Alternative Energy Sources
AuE 892 Seminar
AuE 893-2 Autovation (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management)
AuE 893-4 Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Control
AuE 890 Auto Internship Projects (GATE specific, must be approved)
A second business course

Sustainability minor requirements for Ph.D. Fellows
Two courses addressing broader topics on environmental science, resource economics and policy from those identified by the President’s Commission on Sustainability.
Approved courses:
AP EC 657 Natural Resource Use Technology and Policy
EN SP 671 Man and his Environment
EN SP 400 Studies in Environmental Science
ME 457 Wind Power
ME 620 Energy Sources and their Utilization

Please note, limited substitutions of courses may be possible for those who have already completed related courses. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

AuE degree requirements supersede the GATE certificate requirements.