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AuE 4010/6010: Vehicle Dynamics & Lab

This course discusses fundamental concepts in the dynamic behavior of ground vehicles, mainly two and four-wheeled vehicles. It stresses the application of dynamic systems modeling and analysis to understand ride performance, handling, and straight- line running. Practical considerations in vehicle design and its influence on vehicle performance are discussed.

This course can be taken “stand-alone” or as part of the Certificate in Automotive Engineering program. See the “How to Apply” section on the certificate page.

Course Objectives:

  • Apply systems analysis and physical system modeling methods to develop physical and mathematical models that predict the dynamic response of vehicles
  • Utilize vehicle design performance criteria to evaluate vehicle dynamic response
  • Acquire, analyze, and interpret vehicle performance data and relate it to vehicle design
  • Use dynamic analyses in design of vehicles
  • Acquire and analyze vehicle performance data
  • Relate vehicle dynamics theory to practice
  • Learn industry-relevant vehicle testing methods for evaluating vehicle dynamic performance

Who is Eligible? Current Clemson undergraduate mechanical or electrical engineering students, and external applicants who already have applicable BS degree

Credit Hours: 4

Co-requisite: AuE 4011/6011 (Vehicle Dynamics Lab)

Offered: Fall Term 2017

Schedule: Lecture: 1:00 – 3:30 pm, Lab: 3:30 – 6:00 pm (online delivery option for lecture portion)

Location: CU-ICAR Campus, Campbell Graduate Engineering Center (Greenville, SC)

Current Clemson undergraduates: If taken as part of the Certificate in Automotive Engineering, please see main certificate page for fee information. If taken as a stand-alone course to cover technical elective requirements, no additional fees required outside of regular tuition & university lab fees.

External applicants: $875 per credit hour

Instructor: Dr. Imtiaz Haque

Contact: For general questions about the Certificate in Automotive Engineering, please contact Dr. Mark Hoffman (Certificate Program Director) or Cristina Shorts (Program Coordinator).