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AuE 4020: Automobile Powertrain Systems & Lab

This course addresses key aspects of automobile powertrain engineering, from government regulation to sub-system design. Powertrain operational requirements are discussed in the context of vehicle-level performance, fuel economy, and emissions. The function, design, performance, and engineering requirements of engines, transmissions, electric motors and high voltage batteries are then covered in detail.

This course can be taken “stand-alone” or as part of the Certificate in Automotive Engineering program. See the “How to Apply” section on the certificate page.

Learning Outcomes:
After completing this course, individuals will be able to:

  • Create vehicle models that estimate powertrain performance and efficiency requirements
  • Describe how customer preferences and government regulation influence powertrain design
  • Understand the influence of vehicle duty-cycle on powertrain design specifications
  • Identify engine type and displacement to meet vehicle-level requirements
  • Comprehend the influence of operating conditions on engine fuel efficiency
  • Differentiate the function and basic control of modern emissions control devices/systems
  • Estimate the influence of transmission design on fuel economy and vehicle performance
  • Generate approximate size requirements for high voltage battery systems
  • Optimize the capacity of electric motors relative to powertrain requirements
  • Understand the functional requirements of powertrain thermal management systems
  • Recognize the influence on fuel economy and performance of various powertrain control methodologies

Who is Eligible? Current Clemson undergraduate mechanical or electrical engineering students, and external applicants who already have applicable BS degree

Credit Hours: 4

Pre-requisites: ENGR 1410 and ME 3030, or equivalent. For external applicants, instructor permission is granted based on experience and prior education.

Co-requisite: AuE 4021 (Automobile Powertrain Systems Lab)

Offered: Spring Term 2018

Schedule: Lecture: 1:00 – 3:30 pm, Lab: 3:30 – 6:00 pm (online delivery option for lecture portion)

Location: CU-ICAR Campus, Campbell Graduate Engineering Center (Greenville, SC)

Current Clemson undergraduates: If taken as part of the Certificate in Automotive Engineering, please see main certificate page for fee information. If taken as a stand-alone course to cover technical elective requirements, no additional fees required outside of regular tuition & university lab fees.External applicants: $875 per credit hour