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AuE 4030: Automotive Engineering Project Tools & AuE 4040: Automotive Engineering Prototyping and Validation

This two-semester course sequence introduces the concept of mobility systems engineering. The students will learn through project-based learning and application of product development, innovation management and concept validation through engineering tools. Students will utilize the stage-gate design process to realize their innovation through all stages from voice-of-the-customer concept through product launch. The project culminates with a prototype build and final demonstration. This course sequence spans two semesters and will require team members to collaborate within small groups, outside of the lecture period.

These courses are offered as part of the Certificate in Automotive Engineering program.

Course Objectives

  • Fundamentals of new product development: the stage-gate processes
  • Understand a mobility systems engineering approach and how to develop new transportation products
  • Students will gain perspective of indirect relationships, which drives decision making and tradeoffs in designing new approaches
  • Project management tools for the automotive industry and effective team collaboration techniques
  • Data and analysis tools to drive design innovation decisions
  • Engineering modeling and analysis tools for prototyping and concept validation
  • Customer-focused thinking for innovation success
  • Technology enablers and challenges for autonomous driving
  • Vehicle propulsion modeling and competitive benchmarking
  • Energy sources and their impact on the transportation carbon footprint
  • Emphasis on the role of transportation in society, its impact on environment, societal trends influencing access to the mobility, and technology trends disruptive to the current automotive sector

Who is Eligible? Current Clemson undergraduate mechanical or electrical engineering students, and external applicants who already have applicable BS degree (Note: These courses may only be taken as part of the Certificate Program, and may not be taken as stand-alone courses)

Credit Hours: 2 credit hours per course

Pre-requisites: ENGR 140 and ENGR 2080 or equivalent (instructor permission may be granted in special cases)

Offered: AuE 4030 - Fall Term 2017, AuE 4040 - Spring Term 2018

Schedule: Fridays, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (online delivery option available)

Location: CU-ICAR Campus, Campbell Graduate Engineering Center (Greenville, SC)

These courses are included in the Certificate in Automotive Engineering curriculum. Please see the main certificate page for information on fees.

Instructors: Dr. Dee Kivett and Dr. Andrej Ivanco

Contact: For general questions about the Certificate in Automotive Engineering, please contact Dr. Mark Hoffman (Certificate Program Director) or Cristina Shorts (Program Coordinator).