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Certificate in Automotive Engineering

Student in labThe Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research has launched a new Automotive Engineering Certificate program for undergraduate students & non-degree seeking industry members. This will be a four-course program covering automotive product innovation, automotive systems, vehicle dynamics, and propulsion systems. Participants will receive classroom instruction, hands-on experience in state-of-the-art laboratories, and opportunities to work on projects with automotive industry clients.

Other major benefits of the Certificate in Automotive Engineering include:

  • Hands-on experience valuable to employers in industry
  • Access to faculty, advanced experimental facilities, and other resources at CU-ICAR in Greenville, SC
  • Exposure to real business contacts and projects


Starting Fall Term, 2017


Open to undergraduate Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering students who have completed appropriate prerequisite courses (see Courses list below), as well as industry employees with applicable BS degree.


  • Clemson Undergrads: $3,000 fee, (two installments at $1,500 per semester) Scholarships and Fee Waivers available! Contact us for more details.
  • Industry Members: $875 per credit hour


Current Clemson Undergrads:

  1. Fill out the ”Undergraduate Certificate Application” form found at:
    - Certificate Name: Automotive Engineering
    - Certificate Program Code: CERTU-AUE-F
    Note: You will only be able to complete the form through the “Student Signature” portion
  2. Email your form to Cristina Shorts to be signed off by the Certificate Program Director. You will receive the completed form back via email.
  3. Print your completed form and return to Enrolled Student Services (104 Sikes Hall).

Industry Members:

  1. Go to Clemson’s Online Graduate Application Menu:
  2. In the Apply Online section, click the “Online Graduate Application” link (you will need to create a username and password).
  3. On page 1, select “Certificate” for the type of program you are applying for.
  4. On page 4 under Certificate Program Options, choose “Automotive Engineering Graduate Certificate Program”.
  5. Please note that a transcript and a resume/CV are required for the application to be considered complete. You will be able to submit your application without these items and add them at a later date, but you will not be considered by the certificate committee until both transcript and resume/CV are uploaded.


Fall Term:
AuE 4030 Automotive Engineering Project Tools (Pre-req: ENGR 1410 and ENGR 2080 or equivalent)
AuE 4010/6010 Vehicle Dynamics (Pre-req: permission of instructor, Co-req: AuE 4011/6011)
AuE 4011/6011 Vehicle Dynamics Lab (Co-req: AuE 4011/6011)

Spring Term:
AuE 4040 Automotive Engineering Prototyping and Validation (Pre-req: AuE 4030)
AuE 4020 Automobile Powertrain Systems (Pre-req: ENGR 1410 and ME 3030, or equivalent, Co-req: AuE 4021)
AuE 4021 Automobile Powertrain Systems Lab (Co-req: AuE 4020)


Dr. Mark Hoffman
Res. Professor / Director of Certificate Program

Cristina Shorts
Program Coordinator