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Dr. Johnell Brooks receives Inaugural Inventor's Club Award

Additionally, the vehicle has to review the present scenario and make decisions like Lane Change, Stop at Intersection, Yield to Traffic and pedestrians and so forth. This is done by a Behavioral Planner which carefully reviews the environment and makes the decisions to be taken by the vehicle. Dr. Johnell Brooks, Associate Professor in the Department of Automotive Engineering, was recently recognized for her work by thClemson University Research Foundation (CURF) at their annual Inventor's Club Awards reception. In addition to recognizing new patents, CURF introduced a new honor, the Inventor’s Club Awards.

The Inventor’s Club Awards are intended to recognize both faculty that received patents and made innovations that took steps towards commercialization in the past academic year. Among a total of 16 awards presented at the event, Dr. Brooks was recognized for her collaboration with DriveSafety, a manufacturer of driving simulators for clinical and research applications.  This past year had two major milestones for Brooks.  First, she has submitted over 100 invention disclosures on a variety of topics.  Second, DriveSafety and Clemson University had more than 500 licenses commercialized in a single year. 

Dr. Brooks is a Human Factors psychologist who strives to increase the quality of life of a broad range of vehicle users ranging from enabling aging drivers to maintain their independence for as long as safely possible to rehabilitation (e.g. for strokes) to teaching pre-driving skills for young adults on the Autism Spectrum. The DriveSafety simulators are used in over 50 clinics and have served tens of thousands of patients worldwide. 

For a complete list of Inventor’s Club Award Recipients for 2016-2017, please visit:

Article by: Ojas Tayal
May 2018