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Advanced Powertrain Systems Team

Dr. Zoran Filipi
Advanced engine concepts; multi-physics modeling; hybrid systems analysis and optimization; hardware-in-the-loop integration

Dr. Beshah Ayalew
Vehicle dynamics control, stability and safety systems; distributed parameter estimation and control applications in energy systems, including battery management; applications of robust, adaptive and nonlinear control to energy systems

Dr. Imtiaz Haque
Vehicle dynamics; vehicle and subsystem modeling and simulation; noise, vibration, and harshness; transmission and driveline dynamics

Dr. Simona Onori
Modeling, simulation, control and optimization in hybrid and electric vehicles; aging, characterization modeling and identification in Li-ion and PbA batteries; model-based battery management system; hardware-in-the-loop simulations; multi-objective optimization;  optimal control theory; aging modeling in interconnected systems.

Dr. Pierluigi Pisu
Diagnostics of complex systems, e.g. X-by-wire; modeling and energy management in hybrid electric vehicles; vehicle components sizing optimization for energy management; prognosis and aging of electrochemical Systems

Dr. Robert Prucka
Focuses on design, performance, control, calibration, and emissions of advanced internal combustion engines to improve fuel economy and reduce time to market.

Andrej Ivanco
Focuses on data science application in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. The emphasis is on (i) data-driven design optimization and control of connected and automated vehicles as well as on (ii) quality and productivity in human-centric manufacturing.

Mark Hoffman
Advanced compression ignition; low temperature combustion; in-cylinder heat transfer; particulate emissions mitigation; waste heat recovery; physics-based modeling; non-destructive thermal characterization of fragile materials; experimental methods.