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Advanced Powertrain Systems Team

Dr. Zoran Filipi
Advanced engine concepts; multi-physics modeling; hybrid systems analysis and optimization; hardware-in-the-loop integration

Dr. Beshah Ayalew
Vehicle dynamics control, stability and safety systems; distributed parameter estimation and control applications in energy systems, including battery management; applications of robust, adaptive and nonlinear control to energy systems

Dr. Imtiaz Haque
Vehicle dynamics; vehicle and subsystem modeling and simulation; noise, vibration, and harshness; transmission and driveline dynamics

Dr. Simona Onori
Modeling, simulation, control and optimization in hybrid and electric vehicles; aging, characterization modeling and identification in Li-ion and PbA batteries; model-based battery management system; hardware-in-the-loop simulations; multi-objective optimization;  optimal control theory; aging modeling in interconnected systems.

Dr. Pierluigi Pisu
Diagnostics of complex systems, e.g. X-by-wire; modeling and energy management in hybrid electric vehicles; vehicle components sizing optimization for energy management; prognosis and aging of electrochemical Systems

Dr. Robert Prucka
Background in thermal-fluid sciences; internal combustion engine testing and simulation; model-based ignition timing control; fast-response in-cylinder emissions measurement; gas exchange analysis (experiment and simulation)