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Automotive Systems Integration Team

Dr. Paul Venhovens
Vehicle development processes and systems engineering/integration methods (brand essence, market analyses, vehicle benchmarking, target setting, concept ideation, styling, design space, functions, weight, cost, manufacturing, vehicle platforms, commonality, legislation, policies); vehicle prototyping, vehicle dynamics (noise, vibrations and harshness, on-road handling, multi-body simulation, driving simulators, chassis controls, on-road testing); advanced driver assistance systems (sensing, sensor fusion, HMI-design, controls, evaluation, field-operational-testing).

Dr. David Bodde
Open innovation business processes, R&D management, new venture investing, and corporate venture capital

Dr. Johnell Brooks
Interdisciplinary research that strives to enable drivers to maintain their independence for as long as safely possible. Use of driving simulators and instrumented vehicles to develop rehabilitation tools for clinical settings.

Dr. Ronnie Chowdhury
Design, evaluation and applications of connected vehicle and infrastructure Systems; impact analysis of alternative transportation energy; car following theory for modeling distracted driving and crashes; multi-objective decision analysis in sustainable mobility planning; modeling dynamic route guidance system; development of real-time driver feedback control system for in-vehicle energy management

Dr. Pierluigi Pisu
Diagnostics of complex systems, e.g. X-by-wire; modeling and energy management in hybrid electric vehicles; vehicle components sizing optimization for energy management; prognosis and aging of electrochemical systems