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DriveSafety CDS-250 Clinical Driving Simulator

DriveSafety and CU-ICAR have developed a clinical system for rehabilitation using an automobile driving simulator at its core.   

Our vision is to provide the best simulation-based rehabilitation tools available to clinicians to help patients who have suffered functional losses and regain independence and mobility. These tasks are accomplished through interactive exercises and driving scenarios to build skills, both for general activities of daily living and for driver rehabilitation and were developed in collaboration with clinicians, patients, scientists and engineers.

The DriveSafety/CU-ICAR partnership’s approach to product development, which has combined advanced technologies with direct collaboration among clinicians, scientists, and patients, has won support and trust among leading voices in the industry. Introduced two years ago, the CDS-250 clinical system has now been installed in over twenty locations worldwide. New healthcare customers include civilian hospitals and clinics, medical device companies, and U.S. Army, Navy, and VA hospitals.

All tools are first tested by Occupational Therapists at Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina.

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