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Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration Research Topics & Contributors

vehicular connectivityVehicle-to-vehicle connectivity and vehicle-infrastructure integration research is focused on ways that greater connectivity can make vehicles more efficient and safer while improving the experience for both drivers and passengers.

Here is a sampling of current research projects being conducted in this area:
● Simulation of drive cycles for electric vehicles (EV’s)
● Validation of simulation models with real-world data
● Prediction models for energy consumption of EV’s
● Testing and optimizing wireless charging technology
● Application development to enable ordering and payment at drive-through locations from the car
● Wireless video-data transfer for first responders
● Communication between embedded systems device and IT back-end to implement a tax system based on the miles driven by a vehicle
● Usability of very large in-vehicle displays optimized for cloud-based “connected services”
● Driver feedback to support energy-efficient driving
● Evaluation of quality human-machine interface (HMI) via driving simulator
● Integration of mobile devices into the vehicle
● Integration of social media, collaborative software, and location-based services into vehicle

This research is made possible thanks to the generosity of the companies and organizations listed below.
Duke Energy
Harris Corporation