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OPT Application Instructions

These OPT instructions are for international students who plan to graduate in August. Instructions and the timeline will be updated in the fall for students who plan to graduate in December.

This is the time to start the OPT application process. Ideally, your materials will be in 60 days before graduation.

To learn more about OPT, please visit International Services.

To apply for OPT, you must do the following:

1. Attend a workshop. If your internship location does not allow you to return to campus, you must first review the International Services website and make an appointment for a phone OPT Q & A with an International Student Advisor. International students Advisors will be available for phone Q & A starting in June. You can make an appointment by sending an email to the office of International Services at: and using OPT request as the subject line.  (If you have attended a workshop, you do not have to schedule a Q&A call. This is only for students who could not attend a workshop.)

2.  Send the following documents to the Office of International Services (IS). Remember, you can send the documents before completing the workshop/call. The paperwork will be processed after you have attended the workshop/call.

Required Documents:

         Completed IS-I40 signed by your academic advisor (It is your responsibility to get your advisor’s signature.)

         Completed I-765 Application (please review the attached I-765 example to help you complete the form correctly)

         Completed G-1145

         Copy of passport

         Copy of I-94 (both sides)
If needed, please visit this site to retrieve your I-94 number and information.;jsessionid=W82MRBBLKTZXSPMyQ0zMpFhGdDT4JTyKyj67wvJF0pVKQfB8ThZD!-2069423574

         Copy of visa

         Two U.S. passport size photos (2x2)

A check or money order of $380  payable to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will be required for the application, but you do not need to send this to the international office.

You can email scanned copies of your OPT application documents to:  Please use OPT request as the subject line.

E-mail is preferred but if you would rather use the mail, please send to:

Office of International Services
E-301 Martin Hall
Box 345714
Clemson, SC 29634-5714

3. After your OPT application documents has been processed, the international office will issue a new I-20 with OPT recommendation on the third page. With this, you will submit the necessary paperwork and payment to USCIS.

If there are questions about this process, please contact