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Student FAQs and Staff Contacts

Frank with students in the labThe Department of Automotive Engineering's staff members are eager to help students with questions, concerns, and projects. To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the most common issues that students need help with and listed the appropriate staff contact.

The list includes both tasks performed by administrative and lab staff.

Please click the staff member's name to send an e-mail. Often, an e-mail is the best way to make contact. If a room and/or phone number are listed, you may also use these to make contact.

For a full listing of staff members, please visit the faculty and staff page.

Access to Campbell Center (CGEC) Frank Webb (backup David Mann  864-283-7206 or CGEC Room 109)
Assistantship paperwork (after the assistantship is awarded) Make an appointment to see Alex McCafferty
Chassis dyno time or information David Mann  (864-283-7206 or CGEC Room 109)
Computer problems Curt Russell (please make an appointment by e-mail or phone 864-656-2824) or CECAS Help Desk (, or 864-656-2720)
Dimensioning Gary Mathis (864-283-7207 or CGEC Room 109)
Employment verification (students employed by Clemson) All requests for student employment verification should go to Tammy Cullen (864-656-2427). The employer, creditor, or rental office seeking this information should make contact with Tammy directly.
Engine dyno cell time or information David Mann  (864-283-7206 or CGEC Room 109)
Engineering testing, measurements, or instrumentation support Frank Webb (e-mail for an appointment)
Facilities - general questions Frank Webb
Filing my IS-125 and IS-130 before starting my internship The forms can be downloaded here. To complete the process to receive CPT approval, international students must make an appointment with Clemson's International Services office by e-mailing or calling 864-656-3614.
Freight elevator access David Mann  (864-283-7206 or CGEC Room 109)
General automotive information or suppliers David Mann  (864-283-7206 or CGEC Room 109)
General lab information David Mann  (864-283-7206 or CGEC Room 109)
Graduate School forms and procedures
Internships After reviewing the internship section, students should contact Todd Janssen for assistance.
IT problems See the IT Help section of our website.
Labs and CGEC Level 1 facilities Frank Webb
Logo downloads See the identity toolkit. If other formats are needed, please contact Todd Janssen.
Machine Shop Gary Mathis (864-283-7207 or CGEC Room 109)
Machining Gary Mathis (864-283-7207 or CGEC Room 109)
Payroll for new student employees

Alex McCafferty will provide information for new hires.

PowerPoint templates See the identity toolkit.
Reserving a conference room Please review the FAQ about rental space (including a link to the necessary paperwork) before contacting Lee Davis.
Rules and procedures for the department Refer to the Graduate Student Manual
Safety and security concerns Frank Webb
Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Filipi Kim Phillips
Test cell coordination, operation and usage Frank Webb
Tolerences (technical) Gary Mathis (864-283-7207 or CGEC Room 109)
Transportation - Clemson Shuttle Summer 2013 Schedule (PDF)
Transportation - Greenlink
See the St. Francis-CU-ICAR listing for a timetable, click for a route map

Tuition and fees
Questions? Contact Lee Davis
Welding Gary Mathis (864-283-7207 or CGEC Room 109)