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Employment Resources

Automotive engineering students are encouraged to take advantage of the services offered through the Michelin Career Center. In addition to helping with a job or internship search, the Michelin Career Center can help you identify your ideal career path through assessments and one-on-one advising. To schedule an appointment, call 864-656-0440.

Students can also download the Graduate Student Career Plan (PDF) developed by the career center.

ClemsonJobLink is a job site that allows students and recent alumni to connect with employers.

Graduate Student Resources
Compiled by the Michelin Career Center, this page features a number of employment sites, many with special interest for graduate students.

ASME Career Center*
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) job listings

Auto Industry Central* 
Visitors can search for automotive industry jobs including those in engineering and management.

Engineer Jobs* 
Jobs on this site are listed by engineering discipline.

IEEE Job Boards*
Engineering and technology jobs posted on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE site

MT Careers*
The only manufacuturing industry-specific job board.

Postdoc Jobs* 
Postdoc Jobs is the first online recruiting service for the postdoc community.

SAE Career Center* 
This site is designed to link job seekers with employers in the mobility industry.

*These sites are not affiliated with Clemson University or the Department of Automotive Research. This listing is meant only as a reference; Clemson has no control over the content of these sites or the services offered.