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Domestic Students - Short Internships

Students are encouraged to take advantage of shorter, summer internships opportunities even though these may not meet the criteria to count toward the internship requirement.

If you will not be using this internship to fulfill your graduation requirement, there is no paperwork to complete.

If you have a three-month offer but have been told that this could be extended, you may want to consider taking AuE 890 credit for the internship. You would follow the approval and registration directions outlined here.  The benefit to signing up for AuE 890 credits during your first summer is that you could potentially graduate in May instead of August.

Students are encouraged to complete a continuous six month internship to maximize their experience; however, it is acceptable to split the internship into parts as long as six months are completed.  Deep Orange students are required to remain with Deep Orange for the entire six-month duration with no exceptions.