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International Students - Department Internships

In some rare instances, students may complete projects and/or work in a professor’s lab for internship credits.

Procedure – Must be completed for all students hired as interns, even if they were previously Graduate Assistants*

1.  The faculty member provides the student with an official offer letter. This should be on departmental letterhead and must contain a job description, internship duration details, compensation status (paid or unpaid), and number of hours to be worked each week. For paid internships, the letter must include salary information and the proper account number. The duration of the internship, hours to be worked, and account information will be used to put the student on payroll. This information must be specific and accurate.

2. The student will present the offer to his/her advisor for approval. The advisor must show his/her approval by signing off on the offer letter.

3. The advisor will submit the offer letter to the GRC for secondary approval.

4. The GRC will notify the staff internship coordinator whether the offer is approved or disapproved.

5. The staff internship coordinator will let the student and his/her advisor, and hiring professor (if not the advisor) know if the offer is approved.

6. International students must submit a completed IS-130, CPT Authorization form, to the International Office.  The IS-130 form can be submitted via e-mail to

7. If the internship is paid, the hiring professor will submit a copy of the offer letter to the staff member responsible for payroll onboarding (Kim Phillips). Any additional onboarding paperwork will come from Kim.

8. The student will then register for AuE 890.
Students who are registering for three credits for the spring/fall and three credits for summer should register for section 100.
Students who need to register for additional credits for financial aid should register for sections 100 and 101.
Students who need to register for additional credits for fellowship or assistantship eligibility* should register for sections 100, 101, and 102.

9. Students working on internal internships must submit the same reports required of students working on industrial internships.

Report content requirements: Two pages describing the nature of the work being performed, what skills (engineering or other) the student has utilized to perform their tasks, and what skills they should acquire in the future to improve their performance.

Report format requirements: The two-page report should be submitted as a PDF and should use the following naming convention "Internship_Report_<year>_<term>_<last name>.pdf."

Report deadlines: Reports are required for every semester that the student is enrolled during their internship. 
The following report due dates apply to each semester:
Spring semester: Report due on or before April 30th
Fall semester: Report due on or before November 30th
Long summer semester: Report due on or before July 30th

Submission instructions: Upload the document into your internship course in Canvas using the report format requirements above. See instructions on submitting assignments through Canvas here.

10. The student will submit student and employer evaluations by the last day of class during the semester when the internship is completed. Students will use the online form to complete their evaluation of the experience The student's supervisor must evaluate his/her performance using the online form.

*A note about graduate assistants…
Students using an assistantship to meet their internship requirement must adhere to the rules for assistantships. Per the Graduate School, all students on assistantship must be enrolled full-time. A minimum enrollment in nine credit hours is required for appointment as a graduate assistant during the academic year.  Minimum enrollment in summer sessions is six credit hours for long summer.