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Honors Program

Departmental Honors in Bioengineering requires the following courses totaling 7 credit hours:

BIO E H4150/6150 - Research Principles (1)
BIO E H4910 - Mentoring Research in Bioengineering (1-4) for a total of 6 credit hours

The Departmental Honors program in Bioengineering provides exceptional students training and practical experience in the conduct of experimental research under the supervision of a faculty adviser. BioE H4150 provides academic training in research planning, ethical conduct, professional documentation and dissemination in both oral and written formats. Students are strongly encouraged to co-enroll in BioE H4150 (6150 if pursuing BS/MS degree) during their first semester of BioE H4910.

In Bio E H4910, students will perform a review of relevant, peer-reviewed literature, conduct a mentored research project and present their findings in a poster or oral presentation (final semester) during the department’s research day near the end of each semester. During their final semester of BioE H4910, students must prepare a senior thesis including the background, methods, results and conclusions of the research project that must be approved by the faculty adviser and the department Honors Committee. Six credits of BioE H4910 may be used to satisfy the BioE Technical Requirements within the bioengineering curriculum.

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