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SC MedTransTech Program

Med Trans Tech

South Carolina Medical Translational Technology Program enables biomedical innovation through rapid translation of clinically driven technology and reinvestment of health care dollars into bioengineering research. Using revenue generated by six hospital partners (GHS, St. Francis Bon Secours Health, AnMed, Oconee Medical Center, Palmetto Health, and MUSC Health), the Stryker Rebate Program funds research by joint teams of bioengineers and clinicians at partner hospitals for developing and commercializing healthcare technology.

Participating partners may apply for three types of awards through the MedTransTech program.

  1. Translational Research Award aimed at development of innovative new products to improve patient outcomes.
  2. Education/Outreach Awards aimed at increasing awareness of healthcare practitioners and the community of the benefits of procedures or practices that improve healthcare delivery overall.
  3. Clinical Outcome Awards aimed at studying the benefits of clinical practice or trial outcome to improve overall healthcare economics and quality of healthcare delivery.


For more information, contact:

Kristin Foster
Executive Coordinator
Office: 343 Brackett Hall
Phone: 864-656-1223

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