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Message from the Chair

Welcome to Clemson Civil Engineering. I am pleased that you have chosen to visit our website to learn more about our department. It is with great excitement that I begin my tenure here as Chair. I am appreciative of the warm welcome from everyone here in the Clemson family.

There is a strong sense of forward momentum on campus. Nowhere is this more evident than in our Department. We have top-flight faculty, talented and engaged students, and dedicated staff. And the Clemson Civil Engineering family—including all 4,805 of us and counting--- is like no other. We are the most passionate anywhere. That’s why we are not just a department of civil engineering. We are the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering. The recent endowment of alumnus Gerald Glenn and his wife Candice means we are poised to further accelerate our growth toward building a world-class enterprise. 

This is a pivotal time for both civil engineering practice and education. We see the boundaries of our profession expanding in response to growing global sustainability challenges such as depleting fresh water resources, urbanization, megacities, aging infrastructure of cities and services, overflowing transportation networks, climate change, rising energy demand, and unsustainable consumption of non-renewable fuels. These threats are evolving faster than our solutions, which means we are responding too slowly. 

And what do most of these challenges have in common? They involve infrastructure and the environment— in essence, civil engineering. This means we have the opportunity to drive the advance of civilization like never before. Sustainable solutions will require innovation and adaptation, such as new transdisciplinary approaches and practices that span across traditional boundaries. But most of all we will need leadership. Who will lead?

At Clemson we have the Will to Lead. That’s why we're designing our academic and research programs with one goal in mind— to generate impact. Our undergraduate program is among the best in the nation, providing rigorous coverage of traditional principles plus skills required to immediately compete in the global workplace. 

Our graduate program is focused on convergent research. We provide solutions to complex problems related to global sustainability and resiliency, including advanced modeling of hydro-climatic extremes, water and food security analysis, intelligent transportation systems, risk-based decision making and robust design of engineered systems, sustainable construction materials, GeoRisk, and big-data analytics for civil engineering applications.

So if you are a prospective undergraduate student looking for the academic opportunity that will best prepare you for professional practice and provide one of the most unique college experiences, come check us out.  If you are a graduate student interested in performing transformative research that will help to shape the future of our practice, you have found the place. If you are an alumnus who has not checked in with us lately, welcome home. I urge you to reconnect with us to see how much we have grown.  And if you are anyone interested in being a part of the future of civil engineering, then come join us.

I don’t think any of us really know what the future of civil engineering will look like. But I do know the best way to predict the future is to build it. That’s our goal here at Clemson. Are we ambitious? Absolutely. It’s in our DNA. We are Clemson. We are Orange. And that’s how we roll.

Welcome and Go Tigers! 

Kind regards, -Jimmy Martin

James R. Martin

James R. Martin

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