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Dr. Jennifer H. Ogle

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Areas of Interest:
Transportation Safety
Driver Behavior
Instrumented Vehicle Studies
Safety Conscious Planning and Design
Crash Reconstruction/Causal Analysis
Large Datasets
GPS/GIS Evaluation Tools
Intelligent Vehicle Initiative Systems

B.S., Civil Engineering, 1994, University of Tennessee
M.S., Civil Engineering, 1996, University of Tennessee
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2005, Georgia Tech.

Classes typically taught:
CE 3110 Transportation Engineering
CE 4110/6110 Roadway Geometric Design
CE 8150 Traffic Safety Engineering
CE 8550 Transportation Systems Seminar
CE 8XX Survey Methods

Professional Society Membership:
American Society of Civil Engineers
Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS)
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
Transportation Research Board (TRB)

Sample Publications:
Ogle, J. and Guensler, R., "Commute Atlanta Value Pricing Program: Recruitment Methods and Travel Diary Response Rates," Transportation Research Record, (recommended for publication, TRB Paper No. 05-2504). (2005).

Yoon, S., Li, H., Jun, J. Ogle, J. Guensler, R., and Rodgers, M., "A Methodology for Developing Transit Bus Speed/Acceleration Matrices to be Used in Load-Based Mobile Source Emissions Models," Transportation Research Record, (accepted for publication, TRB Paper No. 05-2322). (2005).

Wang, J., K. Dixon, H. Li, J. Ogle. "Normal Deceleration Behavior of Passenger Vehicles at Stop-Sign-Controlled Intersections Based on In-Vehicle GPS Data," Transportation Research Record; (accepted for publication, TRB Paper No. 05-1711). (2005).

Li, H., R. Guensler, J. Ogle, J. Wang., "Using GPS Data to Understand the Day-to-Day Dynamics of the Morning Commute Behavior," Transportation Research Record, (accepted for publication, TRB Paper No. 04-). (2004).

Wang, J., K. Dixon, H. Li, J. Ogle., "Normal Acceleration Behavior of Starting Passenger Vehicles at All-Way Stop-Controlled Intersections," Transportation Research Record, (currently at publisher, TRB Paper No. 04-4838). (2004).

Guensler, R., A. Amekudzi, J. Williams, S. Mergelsberg, and Ogle, J., "Current State of Regulatory Support for Pay-as-You-Drive Automobile Insurance Options," Journal of Insurance Regulation; Vol. 21, No. 3. (2003).

Ogle, J., R. Guensler, W. Bachman, M. Koutsak, and Wolf, J., "Accuracy of GPS for Determining Driver Performance Parameters"; Transportation Research Record; No. 1818; pp. 12-24. (2002).

Guensler, R., B. Williams, and Ogle, J., "The Role of Instrumented Vehicle Data in Transportation Decision Making"; Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Decision Making in Urban and Civil Engineering. London, England. November. (2002).

Jennifer Ogle
Contact Information:
Office: 212 Lowry Hall
Phone: (864) 656-0883
FAX: (864) 656-2670
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