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Geotechnical Engineering People

Ron D. Andrus - Geotechnical Engineering; Soil Dynamics; Site Characterization; Non-Destructive Testing; Earthquake Engineering; Earthquake Hazard Mapping; Liquefaction; Slope Stability and Shear Strength

Qiushi Chen - Dr. Chen's research focuses on modeling and predicting material behavior and system response under complex and extreme environment through efficient and accurate numerical models, ranging from granular scale all the way to field scale. In particular, we are interested in failure and instability problems in geomaterials and metals, multiscale and multiphysics problems in porous medium, high-performance computing environment development in geotechnical engineering and geomechanics." Contact Dr. Qiushi Chen at

Hsein Juang - Soils and Foundations; Geohazards Mitigation; Reliability-Based Design; Artificial Neural Networks; Fuzzy Sets; Risk Assessment and Management

James Martin - Geotechnical earthquake and foundation engineering, site response, liquefaction, probabilistic seismic hazard assessment, numerical modeling, soil and site improvement, and thermo-active foundation systems, natural hazard mitigation, risk-based decisions making, multi-organizational alliances and partnerships, adaptive risk management of large-scale infrastructure systems

N. Ravi Ravichandran - Computational Modeling, High Performance Computing; Multiphase Porous Media; Centrifuge Testing; Constitutive Modeling of Multiphase Porous Media