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Structural Engineering Facilities

 The facilities are equipped with state-of-art equipment and instrumentation to support research activities.

Structural Engineering Research Laboratory (SERL)

The main structures engineering testing area supports experimental research related to the performance of buildings, bridges and other structures. The lab has an indoor test area with nearly 4000 ft2 of floor space for testing of full-scale building components, a 5000 ft2 outdoor reaction slab for testing large structural systems, and an outdoor reaction frame for testing long structural members in bending. In addition, the lab serves as the home base for mobile instrumentation lab for testing highway bridges. The lab is equipped with closed loop hydraulic and screw-drive actuators for applying loads, BRERWULF for applying static and fluctuating air pressures, an air cannon for missile impact studies, a universal test machine for testing small components and data acquisition equipment to measure and record data (stresses, loads, accelerations and deformations).

In addition, the group has access to the Wind Load Test Facility. The WLTF is a 10,000 sf laboratory housing one of the largest atmospheric boundary wind tunnels in the country. The WLTF possesses an instrumentation and model shop area, actuators and fabrication workshop that are used for constructing test specimens.