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Structural Engineering People

Tommy Cousins - Professor, P.E. PhD; NC State University. Bridge Engineering Behavior; Prestressed and Reinforced concrete.

Stephen F. Csernak - Senior Lecturer, P.E., M.S. Clemson University. Structural Engineering, Wind and Seismic Design.

M. Z. Naser- Assistant Professor, PhD., Michigan State University. Structural Engineering; Structural Fire

Laura Redmond - Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Georgia Tech. Behavior of reinforced concrete and masonry structures, non-linear modeling of structures, and structural rehabilitation/retrofit using additive manufacturing and novel structural materials.

W. C. Pang - Associate Professor, PhD., Michigan Tech. Structural Reliability,  Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering,

Brandon Ross - Assistant Professor, P.E. PhD., University of Florida. Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, Prestressed Concrete.

Non-Research Faculty

Michael Stoner - Lecturer