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Transportation Systems People

Ronnie Chowdhury - Connected Vehicle Systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Infrastructure Investment and Policy Analysis, Mathematical Modeling of Traffic Flow, Surface Transportation Safety and Security Infrastructure, Transportation Energy, Transportation Related Environmental Issues, Traffic Engineering

Jennifer Ogle - Transportation Safety, Driver Behavior, Instrumented Vehicle Studies, Safety Conscious Planning and Design, Crash Reconstruction/Causal Analysis, Large Datasets, GPS/GIS Evaluation Tools, Intelligent Vehicle Initiative Systems

Wayne A Sarasua - Geomatics and GIS, Highway Engineering, Sensing Systems, Traffic Safety, Transportation Asset Management

Pamela Murray-Tuite - Evacuation Modeling; Transportation Resilience Analysis; Behavior Modeling; Disaster Recovery; Infrastructure Interdependency Modeling and Analysis; Network Analysis and Design; Transportation Systems Analysis; Risk and Security Analysis; Smart Cities; Connected and Automated Vehicles; Transportation Planning; Traffic Flow Analysis