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Current Graduate Students

Doctor of Philosophy

Qualified students enter the Ph.D. program directly after completing their B.S. degree or after the first semester in the M.S. program. As a Ph.D. student, you will need to pass CHE 803, 804, and 805 with a minimum grade of B, and take an oral Ph.D. comprehensive exam.

Graduate research assistantships are available to qualified Ph.D. applicants. Ph.D. students with graduate research assistantships work on funded research projects related to their dissertation. Assistantships offered to new students are set at competitive rates each year and are paid bi-monthly on a 12-month basis.

Master of Science

To earn the M.S. degree in chemical engineering, you must complete 30 credit hours of graduate-level work and a thesis based on a successfully completed research project.

The normal time required to earn an M.S. degree in chemical engineering is three semesters and a summer. Presently, students who are admitted to the MS program do not receive financial aid.

B. S. engineers and scientists are strongly encouraged to apply and enroll in the Ph.D. Program in Chemical Engineering at Clemson University. In doing so, they are able to pursue research specialization in areas not normally available in other engineering departments, such as heterogeneous catalysis, separations, rheology, and bioengineering, as well as more traditional chemistry topics, such as polymer chemistry, materials synthesis, and thermodynamics.

Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Organization (CEGSO)

CEGSO is a student-run organization that represents all chemical engineering graduate students. Group events are planned throughout the academic year.

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Information on Biomolecular and Chemical Engineering Courses for Clemson University Graduate Program.

BMOLE Graduate Course Descriptions
CH E Graduate Course Descriptions

Admissions into the Graduate Program in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering is handled through the Clemson University Graduate School.