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All About Clemson

"Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness . . ."

This line from Clemson University's "Alma Mater" provides a perfect description of Scenic Highway 11. There are certainly more efficient routes in and out of the Upstate of South Carolina, but none more breathtaking. From Gaffney in the north to Lake Hartwell in the south, Highway 11 is unquestionably a road less traveled, offering several alternate routes into the City of Clemson from the north. Routes 178 and 133 meander down through heavy forests and the foothills of the Blue Ridge to meet up with Highway 123 in Clemson. Highway 130 also winds its way down to Highway 123 with exquisite views of the mountains over Lake Keowee.

Right away you'll like what you see. Clemson is full of a rich history and southern heritage, surrounded by 56,000 acres of crystal blue lapping lake waters and nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After just one visit you'll see why the Clemson Chamber of Commerce hails this city as "in season every season." "That means no matter when you come, you'll find plenty to do and see."

After just one visit you'll see why the Clemson Chamber of Commerce hails this city as in season every season.

Springtime is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the breathtaking foliage ranging from camellias and azaleas to daffodils which blooms in the South Carolina Botanical Garden located on the campus of Clemson University. Clemson summers offer the chance to make lasting lakeside memories while cooking out with family and friends and taking part in the illuminating Fourth of July firework festivities. Autumn delivers a picturesque view of Clemson's wooded areas along with the energy and excitement of classic Tiger football. When the air turns cold, winter peppers the area with festivals and holiday cheer including its annual tree lighting and Christmas parade. With so much to do all year round it's easy to see why Clemson is regarded as the "biggest little town in South Carolina."