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Douglas E. Hirt, Ph.D.

Douglas HirtProfessor and Associate Dean for Research and Grad Studies
Polymer Films
Phone: 864-656-1899
Office: 114 Riggs Hall

douglas hirt with studentEducation

Ph.D., Princeton University, 1989
M.S., Virginia Tech, 1984
B.S., Virginia Tech, 1982

Research Interests:

Polymer Films

Professor Hirt's primary research interests are in the area of surface modification of polymer films. One way to modify a film surface is to blend an additive into a film and allow time for the additive to segregate to the surface. Research focuses on quantifying the amount of additive exuded to the surface over time and relating surface concentration to surface properties. Work is also conducted to measure the time-dependent spatial distribution of additives across the thickness of polymer films using FTIR microspectroscopy.

Professor Hirt's group also conducts work on chemically grafting various species to polymer films to carefully control the chemical functionality on the surface and to enhance the permanence and effectiveness of the surface modification. Current research involves the grafting of amino acids as well as the photografting of multifunctional polymer layers for applications such as biocompatible implants, microfluidics, and bioMEMs.

Selected Publications

Mitchell, M. K. and Hirt, D. E., “Degradation of PLA Fibers at Elevated Temperature and Humidity,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, in press

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