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Fall 2016 Special Topics Courses

CPSC 4820/6820
Fall 2016

Section 001 & 002:  Mobile Device Software
Instructor:  Roy Pargas
Offered: Clemson Main and Charleston Zucker Campuses

Description: In this course students learn how to design and implement iOS apps for mobile devices. Students will learn how to work with the various iPhone/iPad/iTouch sensors such as GPS, the accelerometer, the camera, and the media player. Students will also learn basic PHP and basic database design using SQLite and MySQL.  Students may also learn about third-party sensors such as the Nix color sensor and Estimote beacons. In addition to four programming assignments, students will work on a app project designed to help students learn, help teachers teach, or facilitate aspects of campus life.

Prerequisite: C or higher in CPSC 2120

Section 003:  Introduction to Scientific Computing
Instructor:  Steven Stuart
Offered: Clemson Main Campus

Description: This course aims to survey the basic skills needed to do scientific computing. This is a cross-disciplinary subject that requires practitioners to understand details including: the material system they are modeling, the physical equations used to model it, the algorithms used to solve those equations, and the computer architectures on which the simulations run.  The course will bring everyone to the point where they are able to understand and pursue scientific computing projects, regardless of whether they are coming from a computing or a science / engineering background.

Prerequisite:No formal course prereqs, but basic functional skills in some programming language are required. It does not matter which one.

Section 004:  Robotic Simulation & Modeling
Instructor:  Sekou Remy
Offered: Clemson Main Campus

Description: In this course, students explore useful topics in robotic simulation. The emphasis is on the tools and approaches that can be used to perform experiments with simulated robots. The broad goal of the course is for students, who have some programming skills, to develop implementations in multiple types of simulations.

Prerequisite:Unknown, contact course instructor.

Section 005:  Usable Privacy and Security
Instructor:  Kelly Caine
Offered: Clemson Main Campus

Description:  Survey of the field of usable security and privacy with an emphasis on emerging technologies. Topics include authentication, location privacy, social network privacy, behavioral advertising, health privacy, anonymity, cryptocurrency, technical writing and ethical conduct of usable privacy and security research

Prerequisite: CPSC 2120 and CPSC 2150 or IE 4880 or PSYC 3100 or PSYC 4350 or POSC 4280 or ECE 4490, each with a C or better

Section 006:  Intro to AI
Instructor:  Feng Luo
Offered: Clemson Main Campus

Description: Basic concepts and algorithms in AI including problem-solving using searching, knowledge and reasoning, learning, planning, uncertainty, and reasoning. Other topics include communicating, perceiving and acting, and intelligent agents.

Prerequisite: C or higher in CPSC 2120

Section 007:  Embedded Systems Prototyping
Instructor:  Jacob Sorber
Offered: Clemson Main Campus

Description: In this course, students learn how to develop hardware and software that interacts with the physical world and how to turn conceptual ideas into functional prototypes. Students will develop their own physical computing devices, design and test custom printed circuit boards, develop device firmware, integrate microcontrollers with sensors and actuators, select components, and finally demo their deployable custom creations

Prerequisite: Comfortable with C programming

Section 008:  Algorithms    Canceled
Instructor:  Pradip Srimani
Offered: Clemson Main Campus

Description: Introduction to algorithm design and analysis. Topics include advanced data structures, amortized analysis, dynamic programming, graph algorithms, intractability, and applications.

Prerequisite:  C or higher in CPSC 2120

Section 008:  2D Animation
Instructor:  David Donar
Offered: Clemson Main Campus

Description: Coming soon

Prerequisite: Coming Soon

Section 009:  Data Science
Instructor:  Alex Herzog
Offered: Clemson Main Campus

Description: Being able to extract knowledge from large, complex data sets is one of the most critical skills in today's data-driven world. This course provides an introduction to fundamental concepts and techniques of Data Science. Students will learn to combine tools and methods from computer science, statistics, data visualization, and the social sciences to extract knowledge from data. The course will cover typical stages in the data science process, including data collection and manipulation, working with unstructured data, statistical modeling and inference, machine learning algorithms, working with massive datasets, visualizing data and reporting results, data-driven decision-making, and ethical questions when working with data.  Concepts taught in the course will be illustrated with case studies drawn from fields such as business, public health, and the social sciences. Programming languages used to analyze and visualize data will include R and Python

Prerequisite: CPSC 2120 and {STAT 3090 or STAT 3300}