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School of Computing hosts annual honors and awards ceremony

April 1, 2011

Dr. Madison w/Aubrey Lawson Dr. Geist w/ Patrick O’Friel Dr. House w/Christopher Malloy

Dr. Sitaraman w/Zach Welch Dr. Geist w/Christopher Corsi Dr. Hodges w/Austen Hayes

Dr. Gilbert w/Aqueasha Martin Dr. Srimani w/Lin Li Dr. Babu w/Manan Gupta

Not pictured: Ian Wood, Matthew Clay and Heather Harton

The School of Computing hosted its annual Honors and Awards Ceremony Friday, April 1st. Students in undergraduate, graduate, masters, and Ph.D. programs received awards for outstanding, excellent, and diligent work, leadership, and service in areas of Computing, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Graduate Teaching.

The Undergraduate Affairs Committee nominated undergraduate students for honors and awards on the criteria of GPA and credit hours completed, while School of Computing faculty nominated graduate students for awards in masters and Ph.D. programs. School of Computing faculty voted on final award recipients in early February. Students received monetary awards and plaques to honor their accomplishments.

Recognized students included Aubrey Lawson and Patrick O’Friel, Outstanding Sophomore in Computing, Christopher Malloy and Zachary Welch, Outstanding Junior in Computing, Ian Wood, Outstanding Senior in Computer Science, Matthew Clay, Cullinet Software Award for Outstanding Senior in Computer Information Systems, Christopher Corsi and Austen Hayes, Dupont Best Undergraduate Project in Computing, Lin Li, Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, Manan Gupta, Outstanding Masters Student in Computer Science, and Heather Harton and Aqueasha Martin, Outstanding Ph.D. Student in Computer Science.

Author: Jo Anna Eason

Story Contact: Jenna White,