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VENVI is presented at the NSF Video Showcase 2016

May 2016

VENVI presented at NSF Video Showcase 2016

Dr. Sophie Joerg and Dr. Sabarish Babu from the School of Computing, and Dr. Alison Leonard from the College of Education at Clemson University together with Dr. Shaundra Daily from University of Florida present VENVI at the NSF Video Showcase

VENVI stands for Virtual ENVironment Interactions, a curriculum and platform that teaches computational thinking through an embodied pedagogical approach. Aimed at middle school children, VENVI teaches basic concepts from creative movement and basic concepts from computational thinking at the same time. Students get up and move to understand the concepts and then use them to program a virtual character within our platform in a fun and engaging way. Our video shows several aspects of the development of VENVI: from our pilot study, to motion capture and character development, to using virtual reality.

The NSF Video Showcase "STEM for All" (May 17th-23rd) is an open and free event, which features three-minute video presentations from projects funded by the National Science Foundation and centered around STEM education. We invite you to view our video,, and join the conversation about the latest research to STEM and computer science teaching and learning. You can search videos by content, grade level, institution, pose questions to presenters, and vote for the 3-minute videos that most successfully communicate cutting edge education research and impact.