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Graduate Students - Ph.D. in Computer Science

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First NameLast NameDegree ProgramArea
FARAH AL.SHANIKPh.D.Computer Science
Tyler AllenPh.D.Computer Science
Arwa AlsubhiPh.D.Computer Science
Adil AlsuhaimPh.D.Computer Science
Jason AndersonPh.D.Computer Science
John AndersonPh.D.Computer Science
Simeon BabatundePh.D.Computer Science
Jessica BaronPh.D.Computer Science
Luis BermudezPh.D.Computer Science
Ryan CanalesPh.D.Computer Science
Yitong DaiPh.D.Computer Science
Fei DingPh.D.Computer Science
Wenbo DingPh.D.Computer Science
Margi EngineerPh.D.Computer Science
Douglas EversonPh.D.Computer Science
Liang GaoPh.D.Computer Science
Matthew HoganPh.D.Computer Science
Anurata HridiPh.D.Computer Science
Nushrat HumairaPh.D.Computer Science
FNU James DominicPh.D.Computer Science
Manveen KaurPh.D.Computer Science
Aubrey LawsonPh.D.Computer Science
Alex LeePh.D.Computer Science
Mingqi LiPh.D.Computer Science
Xiang LiPh.D.Computer Science
Hongda LiPh.D.Computer Science
Guoxi LiuPh.D.Computer Science
Joey LiuPh.D.Computer Science
Hollis LiuPh.D.Computer Science
Nicodemus Msafi MbwamboPh.D.Computer Science
Elliot McMillanPh.D.Computer Science
Zheng MiaoPh.D.Computer Science
Makayla MosterPh.D.Computer Science
Seohyun ParkPh.D.Computer Science
Thomas RandallPh.D.Computer Science
Tim RansomPh.D.Computer Science
Ryan ScottPh.D.Computer Science
Ruslan ShaydulinPh.D.Computer Science
Jiewen ShengPh.D.Computer Science
Justin SybrandtPh.D.Computer Science
Nicole TobiasPh.D.Computer Science
Brock TubrePh.D.Computer Science
Robert UnderwoodPh.D.Computer Science
Nishant VishwamitraPh.D.Computer Science
Cong WangPh.D.Computer Science
Liwei WangPh.D.Computer Science
Chad WatersPh.D.Computer Science
FENG WEIPh.D.Computer Science
Pei XuPh.D.Computer Science
Lili XuPh.D.Computer Science
Zongming YangPh.D.Computer Science
Jeffrey YoungPh.D.Computer Science
Dan ZhangPh.D.Computer Science
Xiang ZhangPh.D.Computer Science
Yue ZhangPh.D.Computer Science
Yongjian ZhaoPh.D.Computer Science
Pengfei ZouPh.D.Computer Science

The graduate student directory is updated at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters annually. Contact information for individual students may be accessed using the Clemson Phonebook in the top right of this page.