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Resources for Faculty & Staff

Closed Access Resources

Some resources are restricted to faculty or staff. To access these resources, click on the Faculty Only section via the navigation menu to the left. You may be prompted to authenticate into if you are not already logged in.

Open Access Resources

Travel-Related Forms

General Forms

SoC Defense and Portfolio Evaluation Forms

Consulting Forms

  • Online form for documenting consulting
    • Click on "External Interests"
    • Click on "Update"
    • Click on "Edit/Submit Consulting" then "Create new"


Contact if you need assistance with...
Christy Babb, McAdams 102, 656.7420, email HR needs, faculty/staff payroll, J-1 and H-1B Visa, Tiger Talent, visitor parking passes, summer pay, keys, door and copier codes
Jason Bernard, McAdams 101, 656.2691, email School accountant, financial questions
Kaley Goodwin, McAdams 105, 656.5403, email Graduate student payroll, room reservations, iRoar and Banner
Adam Rollins, McAdams 107, 656.5853, email Admissions, graduate services/forms, thesis/dissertation defense, offer letters
Trisha Sorber, McAdams 101, 656.2846, email Purchases (p-card and buyways), reimbursements, travel forms (foreign travel and travel within the US)
Dida Weeks, McAdams 103, 656.5577, email DPA program inquiries, SoC/DPA website and social media pages, marketing, SoC seminar calendar, undergraduate student payroll


Contact if you need assistance with...
Kristi Cabrera, McAdams 113, 656.5853, email Undergraduate advising
Kourtney Kirby, McAdams 111, 656.0944, email Undergraduate advising


Contact if you need assistance with...
Nathaniel Colvin, McAdams 129, 656.7520, email Windows support, facilities requests and facilities-related issues
Chuck Cook, McAdams 135, 656.5854, email Door card access, lab software requests, computing infrastructure
Sasha Kuksenok, McAdams 137, email Data access control, lab software requests, Linux computing infrastructure