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Graduate Forms

GS2 Form Information and Procedures

The GS2 form is the Committee Selection and Plan of Study form required by The Graduate School for all graduate students and must be done electronically through iROAR. When filling out the form, it is very important that the entire course name be typed out. Click here for a complete list of graduate courses in the School of Computing.

The GS2 should be filled out and submitted during the second semester of your course of study (Master's degree) or during your second year of study (Doctoral degree). It is a map of your course of study and ensures you receive appropriate and timely academic advising. If your plan of study changes between when you file an original GS2 and the deadline date listed here, you must file an amended GS2. Please refer to the deadline Information table for all deadlines for graduate students.

If you are taking Coursework only, then the Standard Graduate Advisory Committee will be Dr. Andrew Duchowski, Dr. Donald House, and Dr. Roy Pargas, all of whom are SoC faculty members.