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Megan Byham

Challenge: Improvement of Medical Systems

Our world is rapidly advancing in unprecedented ways. Due to the speed of this development, even the most modern systems have their flaws. I have taken a particularly passionate interest in the flaws of healthcare, as medical prosperity directly relates to prosperity of the human race. A lack of planning in medical schema causes hospitals to suffer from unnecessary restrictions in resources: related to equipment, time, space, and/or personnel. In the medical world, even the smallest systemic amendment has the potential to save lives. As an industrial engineer, I have realized my potential to make a difference through the restructuring of hospitals. I hope to be a Grand Challenge Scholar because it is my ultimate goal to work towards making these improvements.

Research: Conducted independent research on the improvement of hospital public reporting websites, Creative Inquiry optimizing the triaging of EMS trauma patients coming into Greenville Health Systems Level I trauma Center, plan to continue creative inquiry research to optimize the scheduling of vascular access surgery

Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Honors Medical Ethics, plan to take Spanish for medical health professionals (SPAN 4150)

Entrepreneurship: Principals of Micro/Macroeconomics (ECON 2110/2120), plan to do a market analysis of the healthcare market and its needs for continual improvements, especially in hospitals

Global Dimension: Hispanic World: Spain (SPAN 3070), plan to study abroad in Spain, spend time before or after trip as an industrial engineer at a Spanish medical facility

Service Learning: FIMRC (Foundation for International medical Relief of Children) local volunteer, volunteer at Helping Hands and Mauldin Miracle League, Industrial engineering tutor