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Class of 2017

Nathan Baugh

Challenge: Provide Access to Clean Water
Bio for Spotlight: I'm currently a junior industrial engineering major who happens to love traveling, learning and helping others improve their lives. At Clemson I'm the project lead for Engineers Without Borders Nicaragua. I spend way too much time at Fike and not quite enough time in Cooper. On weekends you can find me somewhere outside. I've traveled throughout much of Europe and some of Central America during my time at Clemson. I lived in Spain for a summer to improve my Spanish and am incredibly thankful for these opportunities. My Grand Challenge is providing access to clean water which I see as one of the most important and basic of life's needs.
Research: Working on implementing a clean water system in the village of El Serrano, Nicaragua.
Interdisciplinary Curriculum: German 1010, Honors Seminar on Midterm Elections, Marketing 3010, Accounting 2010, Management 2010, plan to study Spanish and International Business Abroad
Entrepreneurship: Taking a class on Global Entrepreneurship while abroad
Global Dimension: German course at Clemson, member of Engineers without Borders and traveled to Nicaragua in late December to monitor a previous well project and to search out new opportunities in surrounding communities. Transitioning into the role of Nicaragua Lead within EWB.
Service Learning: Worked on a few Habitat for Humanity projects and one Rebuild the Upstate while at Clemson, Honors Service Group which does a bunch of different things throughout the community, Student tutor in the Clemson Academic Success Center.

Elizabeth Brigham

Challenge: Provide Access to Clean Water
Bio for Spotlight: Ever since I traveled to Managua, Nicaragua on a mission trip, I knew I wanted to change the world. Seeing the joy on the faces of those with so little transformed my perspective on life. From that moment on, I decided to strive for success not only for my own sake but also for the sakes of those I have the ability and opportunity to help. My goal is to be an engineer for an international company that makes a difference for people in need, and the Grand Challenge Scholar program would enhance my education towards meeting this goal.
Research: Engineers Without Borders Creative Inquiry and Industrial Engineering Creative Inquiry
Interdisciplinary Curriculum: SPAN 2020, HON 2090, GEOL 2700, NPL 3000
Entrepreneurship: MKT 3010, ACCT 2010, ELE 3010
Global Dimension: Engineers Without Borders monitoring trip to Nicaragua, plan to study abroad in Spain
Service Learning: Engineers Without Borders monitoring trip to Nicaragua, plan to go on a missions trip

Matthew Fleck

Challenge: Designing the Tools of Discovery
Bio for Spotlight:
Research: Math 4990 Creative Inquiry, Research Paper on political motivation for space exploration and resulting benefits
Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Physics 2540, Enrolled in Galactic Astrophysics (AST 3030)
Entrepreneurship: Finishing research paper and presenting to Congressional Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Complete market analysis of space industry profitability and opportunities (mining, amusement, etc..)
Global Dimension: Student in Calhoun Honors College, Applied for Dixon Global Policy Scholars Program
Service Learning: Physics 1220 SI, GCS service events, looking to Volunteer at NASA HQ or DC Air and Space museum over summer

Zach Girvin

Challenge: Reverse Engineering the Brain
Bio for Spotlight: Zach is a junior bioengineering student. He is a project lead for Engineers Without Borders’ project in the Gambia and participates in medical robotics research. Following freshman year, he studied abroad in South Africa. He enjoys running, exploring the outdoors, frequenting Clemson sporting events, and tackling grand challenges.
Research: Zero Gravity Bone Fracture Stabilization BioEngineering Creative Inquiry, looking to pursue more relevant research
Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Variety of Gen-eds in World Religion, Philosophy, South Africa History, Sociology, and National Parks.
Entrepreneurship: Submitted entry into the 2015 Pitch Smackdown Contest
Global Dimension: Summer Study Abroad in South Africa 2015
Service Learning: Engineers Without Borders, work with a village in Zambia over summer

Jennifer Hibberts

Bio for Spotlight:
Jennifer Hibberts is a Biosystems Engineering student in the class of 2018, from a small Army Garrison in the Marshall Islands. She has been a Grand Challenge Scholar since the Fall of 2015, and has chosen to focus on the grand challenge of managing the nitrogen cycle through GCS. She spent the Spring 2016 semester abroad Antibes, France, learning about European approaches to sustainability inside and outside of the classroom. She is also a contributor to The Pendulum, Clemson’s International Affairs magazine, and a member of the Clemson Debate Team and Club Water Polo Team.
Research: Honors thesis, BE Creative Inquiry
Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Clemson Debate Team, Intro to International Relations, Macroeconomics and further economics classes
Entrepreneurship: Green Revolving Fund Committee Member, work in Green Life, promoting sustainability through Eco Reps
Global Dimension: Wrote for Clemson International affairs magazine on the Pacific Island Nations, Study Abroad in France
Service Learning: Volunteer with Honors Service Society, Engineers without Borders, Community service over breaks in the Marshall Islands

Ben Shumpert

Challenge: Enhance Virtual Reality or Secure Cyberspace
Bio for Spotlight: Ben Shumpert is a junior Computer Engineering major from Aiken, SC. Ben’s grand challenge is securing cyberspace, a topic on which he hopes to do a significant amount of research as part of his departmental honors curriculum. Ben is very involved in on campus organizations, serving as the Treasurer of both the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Engineers without Borders (EWB). In his free time, Ben enjoys wakeboarding and playing soccer. After graduation in May 2018, Ben plans to pursue a career in software engineering (and possibly a master’s degree).
Research: Mobile Health Applications Creative Inquiry, pursue departmental honors degree in Computer Engineering
Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Electives in History, English, Statistics, and Philosophy, plan to take courses in Mathematical Sciences, Management, and Economics
Entrepreneurship: Unsure
Global Dimension: Membership in Engineers without Borders, try to possibly join a travel team before graduation
Service Learning: Spend weekend last semester volunteering doing landscape work at Younglife camp, plan to do local service projects through Habitat for Humanity and local church

Tal Wanish

Challenge: Making Solar Energy Economical
Bio for Spotlight: I joined Grand Challenge Scholars in order to gain a better understanding of the needs of the world around me, and to pursue solutions to these needs. Much of my focus is on improving quality of life for the developing world and I’m working towards starting a humanitarian relief project in Nepal
Research: Zero gravity bone fracture stabilization creative inquiry, Plan to join a solar energy Electrical Engineering creative inquiry
Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Sustainability Leadership, Basic Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering lab, planning to take Fundamentals of Solar Energy (ECE4610) , Natural Resources, Environment, and Economics (APEC 2570)
Entrepreneurship: Patent search and market analysis for medical devices created in creative inquiry, plan to conduct market analysis and cost analysis for Solar cells for Nepal project, Working with Duke Energy on Nuclear Engineering Internship
Global Dimension: Working on humanitarian relief project in Nepal, hope to travel before/shortly after graduation
Service Learning: SI leader in Chemistry and Physics, working on humanitarian relief project in Nepal