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Why minor in Geology?

Geologists are specialized scientists that study some of the most urgent problems facing society today-- environmental issues, energy resources, climate change, and natural disasters to name a few. Students from many different majors decide to minor in geology since it will complement their chosen career path. These majors include civil and environmental engineering, materials science, environmental and natural resource management, and computer science. Some students minor in geology because they are interested in subjects such as climate change, sustainability, and energy resources, while other geology minors have a hobbyist interest in collecting gems, fossils, and minerals.

A minor in Geology has a 20 credit hour minimum and requires GEOL 1010/1030, 2020, and 12 additional credits in geology, at least nine of which must be drawn from 3000–4000-level geology courses.


For information related to the Geology Minor, please contact:

Alan Coulson