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EEES 2018 Summer Courses

Interested in our summer courses?

We offer a variety of online courses as well as experiential learning opportunities through field camps and study-abroad programs.

If you are a current Clemson student, simply register for summer courses through iROAR.

If you are not a current Clemson student, you must apply to attend Clemson as a transient student:

  1. Determine which courses you would like to take. Courses numbered 1000-4999 are taught at the undergraduate level. Courses numbered 6000-8999 are taught at the graduate level. Note that some courses are offered at both the 4000- and 6000-level. In that case you should choose the course that grants you the credit you wish to receive.
  2. Apply as either a transient undergraduate student or a transient graduate student. If you are unsure which application you should use, please contact us by email or at 864-656-0470.
  3. Fill out the Transient Student Enrollment Form. Email it along with your choice of classes so that you may receive an override to register to:
  4. Once your application has been accepted, register for your courses through iROAR.

Biosystems Engineering - Study Abroad

Course Credit Hours Title Instructor
BE 4400 3 Sustainable Energy Engineering Jorge Rodriguez

Environmental Engineering and Science - Online

Course Credit Hours Title Instructor
EES 4010/6010 3 Environmental Engineering Kevin Finneran
EES 4020/6020 3 Water and Waste Treatment Systems William Hiatt
EES 4910 3 Engineers: The Law and You Margaret Louise Thompson

Environmental Science and Policy - Online

Course Credit Hours Title Instructor
ENSP 1250 3 Sustainable Resource Use Minory Nammouz
ENSP 2000 3 Introduction to Environmental Science Minory Nammouz
ENSP 2000 3 Introduction to Environmental Science Tom O. Owino
ENSP 4000 3 Studies in Environmental Science Margaret Louise Thompson

Geology - Online

Course Credit Hours Title Instructor
GEOL 1010 3 Physical Geology Alan B Coulson
GEOL 1120, 1140 3 Earth Resources TBD
GEOL 1200 3 Natural Hazards Alan B Coulson

Geology - Field Camps

Course Credit Hours Title Instructor
GEOL 3700, 3701 3 Western United States Field Study Scott E Brame
GEOL 4210/6210, 4211/6211 3 GIS Applications in Geology Scott E Brame
GEOL 4750/8750, 8751 6 Summer Geology Field Camp Scott E Brame
*Courses must meet minimum enrollment requirements to guarantee offering