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Emphasis Areas

Our faculty offers 2 BS degree options in Biosystems Engineering.

BS Biosystems Engineering with Bioprocess Engineering Emphasis

The bioprocess engineering area focuses on sustainable bioprocessing, the microbial conversion of compounds for production of high-value compounds using green processing techniques and biological treatment of wastes. This area includes design of:

  1. biorefineries to produce biofuels, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and biomaterials;
  2. advanced extraction and separation technologies for bioproducts;
  3. bioreactor systems design for bioprocessing and waste treatment;
  4. heat and mass transfer systems; and
  5. instrumentation and process control systems.

BS Biosystems Engineering with Ecological Engineering Emphasis

Students who like engineering and who have an interest in the natural beauty of our planet and its resources will enjoy working in this focus area of biosystems engineering. This emphasis allows students to apply engineering and biological / ecological principles to the wise use, conservation and enhancement of our planets water, land and air resources. Clemson’s undergraduate program in ecological engineering emphasis prepares students for entry-level engineering jobs and for graduate studies in biosystems engineering or other programs such as environmental engineering. There is an increasing demand for graduates in this area.